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This package provides an exclusion table in R with which you can keeping track of inclusion and exclusion criteria that you apply to your datasets. Using the exclusion_table() function you can obtain a table listing the number of excluded observation for each inclusion and exclusion criteria. Additionally, if you use the option keep_data == TRUE you can also obtain the dataset without the excluded observations.

Quick Example

This is a quick example to illustrate what ExclusionTable offers. We will use the penguins dataset included in the {palmerpenguins} package for the example. So make sure you install the package before running the example below.

# Load Penguine dataset

# Apply some exclusions
                exclusion_criteria = c("year == 2007", 
                                       "sex  == 'male'",
                                       "bill_length_mm <= 40 & 
                labels_exclusion   = c("Measured in 2007",
                                       "Bill length <= 40mm"))

The code above produces the following table, which offers a nice overview of the number of observations that were removed from the dataset for each exclusion criteria.

Excluded the following observations:
Exclusions based on EXCLUSION criteria

            exclusion n_prior n_post n_excluded
1    Measured in 2007     344    234        110
2               Males     234    114        120
3 Bill length <= 40mm     114     66         48
4               TOTAL     344     66        278


Please take a look at the vigniett on my website for more information on how to use the {ExclusionTable} package.


You can download the latest release of this package from CRAN using install.packages(ExclusionTable) or the latest development version using {remotes}.



If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to file an issue on GitHub or contact me via my website, Twitter or email.