Families 1.0.2 Published July 8 2022

Families 2.0.0 Submitted March 2024: changes in version 2.0.0

New functions

Functions removed:



The vignette “Families and Kinship Networks in Virtual Populations. The ‘Families’ package.” has been extended and is now a separate paper, which will hopefully be published in the coming months.

Families 2.0.1 Submitted March 2024: Changes in version 2.0.1

Functions updates:

Families 2.0.2 April 2024

Function updates

Tests(): Correct warning message. Some IDs may be missing, e.g. ego without cousins has no IDs of cousins. Originally, ego was removed from the list of ego-cousin dyads. That caused vectors of unequal length and warning “longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length”. That issue is resolved by including the ego-NA dyads. The change prevents unnecessary warnings in Db() and Alive()