Add Citations to an R HTML Document and Print Bibliography

bib <- ReadBib(system.file("Bib", "biblatexExamples.bib",
                           package = "RefManageR"), check = FALSE)
bib2 <- ReadBib(system.file("Bib", "RJC.bib", package = "RefManageR"))[[seq_len(20)]]
BibOptions(check.entries = FALSE, style = "html")

This is an R HTML document. This is an example of a citation in the text Loh (1992). Now we cite in parentheses (Baez and Lauda, 2004b, Ch. 2). You can change the default options in a setup chunk at the start of the document or at any other point using the BibOptions function or by specifying options as a list in the .opts argument to the cite functions. For demonstration purposes, we switch back and forth between citation styles here just to show the possibilities.

These are reports Chiu and Chow[1]; Padhye, Firoiu, and Towsley[2]. Their hyperlinks go to their entry in the bibliography. The link for Markey (2005) will take you to the document in a new window; this is the default, if a link is available (see ?open.BibEnty). The following citation has no hyperlink (de Geer, 1985).

I've added a reference to CTAN without citing it. Now I'm adding a reference from another bibliography (a second BibEntry object) (Serban, Staicu, and Carroll, 2013). Look at all my Aristotle: Aristotle[1]; Aristotle[2]; Aristotle[3]; Aristotle[4]. Below is the R logo.

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Some papers on the arXiv are Baez and Lauda (2004a); Baez and Lauda (2004b); Itzhaki (1996); Wassenberg and Sanders (2010).


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More References

[1] N. Serban, A. M. Staicu, and R. J. Carroll. “Multilevel Cross-Dependent Binary Longitudinal Data”. In: Biometrics 69.4 (2013), pp. 903–913.