SSNbayes fits spatio-temporal stream network data using Bayesian inference in Stan.


You can install the released version of SSNbayes from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:


See more details in the articles Santos-Fernandez, Hoef, et al. (2022) and Santos-Fernandez, Ver Hoef, et al. (2022)

Reproducible examples

These examples show the package in action:

Example of one of the outputs produced

Evolution of the Boise River exceedance probability:

Alt Text
Alt Text


Santos-Fernandez, Edgar, Jay M. Ver Hoef, James M. McGree, Daniel J. Isaak, Kerrie Mengersen, and Erin E. Peterson. 2022. “SSNbayes: An r Package for Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Modelling on Stream Networks.” arXiv.

Santos-Fernandez, Edgar, Jay M. Ver Hoef, Erin E. Peterson, James McGree, Daniel J. Isaak, and Kerrie Mengersen. 2022. “Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Models for Stream Networks.” Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 170: 107446.