Interact with GitHub Copilot Chat


Here is the introduction from

GitHub Copilot Chat is a chat interface that lets you interact with GitHub Copilot, to ask and receive answers to coding-related questions within and supported IDEs. The chat interface provides access to coding information and support without requiring you to navigate documentation or search online forums.


RStudio’s integration with Copilot needs to be enabled, and setup, in order for chattr to work. This is due to the complexity of authenticating with Copilot Chat.

If you have not yet setup GitHub Copilot in your RStudio IDE, here are the instructions:

Test connection

Use the chattr_test() function to confirm that your connection works:




#> ── Testing chattr 
#> • Provider: OpenAI - Copilot Chat
#> • Path/URL:
#> • Model:
#> ✔ Connection with GitHub Copilot cofirmed
#> |--Prompt: Hi!
#> |--Response: Hello! How can I assist you today?