dataset 0.2.7

The devel branch contains new code that is not is validated, but as a whole the package is not working consistently.

dataset 0.2.6

dataset 0.2.5

dataset 0.2.4

All tests are passing but documentation is not rewritten yet.

dataset 0.2.3

new subject class for recording subjects

dataset 0.2.2

New s3 classes for DataCite and Dublin Core bibliographic entries.

dataset 0.2.1

A minor correction to avoid vignettes downloading data from the Eurostat data warehouse on CRAN. Small readability improvements in the vignette articles.

dataset 0.2.0

dataset 0.1.9

dataset 0.1.7

Status at rOpenSci Software Peer Review DOI


dataset 0.1.6.

dataset 0.1.4.

DOI Development version available on Zenodo.

dataset 0.1.3.

dataset 0.1.2.

dataset 0.1.0.

DOI First development version release.