From dataset To RDF


This documentation is not updated yet to the development version of the [dataset] package.

Our datasets are defined in a way that their dimensions can be easily and unambiguously reduced to triples for RDF applications; they can be easily serialized to, or synchronized with semantic web applications with the rdflib package1.

Read more about how we adopted to datacube model of SDMX and the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary for datasets as R objects in the The dataset S3 Class vignette article.

Because our datasets conform the tidy data concept, they can be reduced into long-form triples.

RDF subject predicate object
JSON object property value
spreadsheet row id column name cell
data.frame key variable measurement
data.frame key attribute value

Table source: rdflib

Dimension reductions of the dataset

Our datasets are tidy.

example_df <- readxl::read_excel(
  system.file("extdata", "rdf_example.xlsx", package = "dataset"),
  sheet = "dataset-wide")

  1. Carl Boettiger: A tidyverse lover’s intro to RDF↩︎