etrader 0.1.5

Release Notes and News

etrader 0.1.5 01/03/2023

Improved object test using methods::is()

etrader 0.1.4 12/15/2022

Fixed an issue related to authentication headers.

etrader 0.1.3 02/21/2021

Change Maintainer and added example under portfolio to convert list to a data frame

etrader 0.1.2 11/25/2020

Fixes for CRAN. Released with commit f5045f0.

etrader 0.1.1 11/23/2020

Bug fix for trailing stop orders.

etrader 0.1.0 11/22/2020

Initial release includes basic functionality and API calls. Authentication, Placing Trades, Canceling Trades, and pulling account details are all included with the initial release.

Complex option order entry is not included.

Disclosure: This software is in no way affiliated, endorsed, or approved by ETRADE or any of its affiliates. It comes with absolutely no warranty and should not be used in actual trading unless the user can read and understand the source code. The functions within this package have been tested under basic scenarios. There may be bugs or issues that could prevent a user from executing trades or canceling trades. It is also possible trades could be submitted in error. The user will use this package at their own risk.