This package contains the Computer Modern font with Paul Murrell’s symbol extensions, and is to be used with the extrafont package.

When this font package is installed, the CM fonts will be available for PDF or Postscript output files; however, this will (probably) not make the font available for screen or bitmap output files. For output to screen or to bitmap files, you will need to install the Computer Modern fonts for your operating system – however, doing this will not necessarily make the CM Symbol font available.

The fonts are a subset of the cm-lgc font package. The faces with small caps and italics using old-style numerals (which can hang below the baseline) are not included with this package.


First, make sure that you have extrafont installed.

Then, to install fontcm:

# It will ask you if you want to download fontcm from CRAN. It will then
# download, install, and then register the font package in the extrafont database

You can check to see if they’re properly installed:

# "CM Roman"               "CM Roman Asian"         "CM Roman CE"
# "CM Roman Cyrillic"      "CM Roman Greek"         "CM Sans"
# "CM Sans Asian"          "CM Sans CE"             "CM Sans Cyrillic"
# "CM Sans Greek"          "CM Symbol"              "CM Typewriter"
# "CM Typewriter Asian"    "CM Typewriter CE"       "CM Typewriter Cyrillic"
# "CM Typewriter Greek"

# For more detailed font information:

Use example

Here is an example of using Computer Modern fonts with math symbols, using base graphics:

```{r eval=FALSE, tidy=FALSE} # First, register the fonts with R’s PDF output device loadfonts()

pdf(“plot_cm.pdf”, family=“CM Roman”, width=5, height=5)

plot(c(1,5), c(1,5), main=“Made with CM fonts”) text(x=3, y=3, cex=1.5, expression(italic(sum(frac(1, n*‘!’), n==0, infinity) == lim(bgroup(‘(’, 1 + frac(1, n), ‘)’)^n, n %->% infinity)))) embed_fonts(“plot_cm.pdf”, outfile=“plot_cm_embed.pdf”)

And with ggplot2:



pdf("ggplot_cm.pdf", width=4, height=4)
p <- qplot(c(1,5), c(1,5)) +
  xlab("Made with CM fonts") + ylab("Made with CM fonts") +
  ggtitle("Made with CM fonts")

# Equation
eq <- "italic(sum(frac(1, n*'!'), n==0, infinity) ==
       lim(bgroup('(', 1 + frac(1, n), ')')^n, n %->% infinity))"

# Without the new fonts
p + annotate("text", x=3, y=3, parse=TRUE, label=eq)

# With the new fonts
p + annotate("text", x=3, y=3, parse=TRUE, family="CM Roman", label=eq) +
    theme(text         = element_text(size=16, family="CM Roman"),
          axis.title.x = element_text(face="italic"),
          axis.title.y = element_text(face="bold"))

# Embed the fonts
embed_fonts("ggplot_cm.pdf", outfile="ggplot_cm_embed.pdf")