SQL like query interface for Jira in R language

This package provides a SQL like query interface to fetch data from any Jira installation. The data is fetched into R dataframe (using Jira REST API)

Key features: * Data is fetched using Jira REST API therefore can be used over web without needing to connect to any database. * Function to authenticate into Jira instance using jira.login() * Function to fetch METADATA from Jira instance using jira.metadata() * Function to QUERY jira data with SQL like syntax using jira.query()


To get the current development version from github:

# install.packages("devtools")

Getting Started

You should have an account in the Jira instance to query its data. You can use the same log-in credentials that you use on your Jira website.

Assuming your Jira credentials are as follows

Authenticate in Jira using the following command:

jira.login(jira.env = "https://issues.apache.org/jira", jira.user = "jiraTestUser", jira.pwd = "jiraTestPwd")

Fetch the Metadata of Jira using the following command:

jiraMetadata <- jira.metadata()

Query Jira tables and fields (lookup via metadata) using the following command:

issues <- jira.query(table = "issues", fields = "id AS IssueId, Created, Status, Priority", 
where = "project = 'HIVE' AND created >= '2019-01-01' AND created <= '2019-12-31' AND 
Status IN ('Open', 'Closed', 'Resolved')")

issues <- jira.query(table = "issues", fields = "id AS IssueId, Created", 
where = "'cf[10021]' = 'ABCD' AND Created > '2019-01-01'")

history <- jira.query(table = "history", fields = "id AS IssueId, toString AS Status, 
COUNT(fromString) AS Count", where = "id = 'HIVE-22692' AND field = 'status'", 
groupby = "id,toString")

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