phenesse: Estimate phenological metrics using presence-only data

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The phenesse package provides tools in R to estimate phenological metrics using presence only data. The package includes a new Weibull-parameterized estimator described in Belitz et al. (2020) ( Additionally, the package provides a non-parametric bootstrap approach to estimating confidence intervals for this estimator as well as quantile and mean estimates.

Note that generating confidence intervals of a Weibull-parameterized estimate is very computationally expensive. We recommend exploring parallelization options when generating many CIs of Weibull-parameterized estimates. An example of parallelization can be found in the vignette.



phenesse is available on CRAN. Install using install.packages("phenesse")


The development version of phenesse is available on GitHub. To install without a vignette, use: devtools::install_github("mbelitz/phenessse")