R tools for integrating phylogenies and ecology


The Picante package provides tools for Phylocom integration, community analyses, null-models, traits and evolution in R.

The package includes functions for analyzing the phylogenetic and trait diversity of ecological communities, comparative analyses, and the display and manipulation of phenotypic and phylogenetic data.

Package maintainer: Steven Kembel

Developers: Peter Cowan, Matthew Helmus, Steven Kembel

Contributors: David Ackerly, Simon Blomberg, Will Cornwell, Peter Cowan, Matthew Helmus, Steven Kembel, Helene Morlon, Cam Webb

Development of picante has been supported by NSERC, NESCent, the Google Summer of Code, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Thanks to Jonathan Davies, Kyle Dexter, Catherine Graham, Nathaniel Hallinan, Nick Matzke, Alain Paquette, Emmanuel Paradis, Juan Parra, Dan Rabosky, and Marten Winter for feedback and bug reports. Thanks to R-Forge for hosting the project up to version 1.5.


There was a bug in the ses.pd function in picante versions <=1.7. Please see this issue for more details.

Bug reports and feature requests

Please use the Github Issues page for picante to submit bug reports and feature requests. Pull requests are welcomed but are more likely to be accepted if you first submit them as an issue.