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Inference and Prediction of ToxicoKinetic (TK) Models

Little hack

To load all internal function of a package during dev: devtools::load_all()

A lighter package build

To make the package lighter, we have to remove the vignettes: see file .Rbuildignore

Error to recompile during package development

Sometimes, there is an Error to recompile during development after change of .stan files. A solution is to remove the rbioacc folder in R repository of the win-library (see the path written in the error message).

An other solution is to build the package from the terminal using R CMD -preclean INSTALL rbioacc from parent directory of rbioacc.



pkgbuild::compile_dll() # to preform a fake R CMD install
roxygen2::roxygenize() # to update the documentation

Test and Check the package


then to build the package:


If the archive produce (rPBK_X.Y.Z.tar.gz) is in the workspace of the container (outside RPBK), then move the archive:

mv rPBK_X.Y.Z.tar.gz rPBK

Check as CRAN

R CMD check --as-cran

or from command line, but not working very well to be send to CRAN:

R CMD INSTALL --preclean --no-configure --build .
R CMD INSTALL --preclean --build .