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The objective of rqti is to establish a robust and stand-alone R library tailored for crafting exercises and exams in adherence to the QTI v2.1 standard directly from R. Users have the flexibility to render the exercises either locally (using qtijs) or integrate them seamlessly into the OPAL learning management system. Our primary audience comprises instructors specializing in research methods and statistics who seek to harness the full capabilities of R while aligning with the QTI standard. In particular, instructors utilizing OPAL will find our package especially advantageous, as it capitalizes on OPAL’s robust API.


Comprehensive documentation, encompassing installation instructions, a quick start guide, example usage, and detailed functionality documentation, can be accessed at the following link: https://shevandrin.github.io/rqti/


Our commitment to robustness is reflected in our pursuit of high test coverage through automated tests, located in the “tests” folder.

Support and Bug Reports

Should you find any missing features or encounter issues, please do not hesitate to inform us via email or open an issue on GitHub. We will offer support until the project’s funding concludes in September 2024. Following that, we will maintain a stable, usable version, with support for new features provided as time permits.


To contribute to this package, clone the repository, implement your feature, and submit a pull request. Kindly adhere to the tidyverse style and the general package guidelines outlined at https://r-pkgs.org. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.