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simode v1.1.9:

An R package for conducting statistical inference for ordinary differential equations that aims to ease the optimization process and provide more robust solutions to parameter estimation problems. See, Dattner and Klassen (2015) and Dattner et al. (2017).

Getting Started:

From an R console, type install.packages(‘simode’) to install the package. After download is complete type library(‘simode’) to load the package.

Example usage:

Following is an example of usage of the package using the Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey model.

# generate model equations and parameters (X=Prey,Y=Predator)
pars <- c('alpha','beta','gamma','delta')
vars <- c('X','Y')
eq_X <- 'alpha*X-beta*X*Y'
eq_Y <- 'delta*X*Y-gamma*Y'
equations <- c(eq_X,eq_Y)
names(equations) <- vars
x0 <- c(0.9,0.9)
names(x0) <- vars
theta <- c(2/3,4/3,1,1)
names(theta) <- pars

# generate observations
n <- 50
time <- seq(0,25,length.out=n)
model_out <- solve_ode(equations,theta,x0,time)
x_det <- model_out[,vars]
sigma <- 0.05
obs <- list()
for(i in 1:length(vars)) {
  obs[[i]] <- pmax(0, rnorm(n,x_det[,i],sigma))
names(obs) <- vars

# estimate model parameters with known initial conditions
simode_fit1 <- simode(equations=equations, pars=pars, fixed=x0, time=time, obs=obs)
plot(simode_fit1, type='fit', time=seq(0,25,length.out=100), pars_true=theta, mfrow=c(2,1))
plot(simode_fit1, type='est', pars_true=theta)

# estimate model parameters and initial conditions
simode_fit2 <- simode(equations=equations, pars=c(pars,vars), time=time, obs=obs)
plot(simode_fit2, type='fit', time=seq(0,25,length.out=100), pars_true=c(theta,x0), mfrow=c(2,1))
plot(simode_fit2, type='est', pars_true=c(theta,x0))

profiles_fit2 <- profile(simode_fit2,step_size=0.01,max_steps=50)
ci_fit2 <- confint(profiles_fit2)

More examples can be found as demos inside the package (type: demo(package=‘simode’))


From an R console type ?simode for help on the package. The package page at CRAN is [here], package reference manual is [here], package vignette is [here].

Support and Contributions:

For support and bug reports send an email to: or open an issue [here]. Code contributions to simode are also very welcome.


Dattner Itai, Klaassen Chris. Optimal rate of direct estimators in systems of ordinary differential equations linear in functions of the parameters. Electonic Journal of Statistics, 9(2), 2015. [link]

Dattner Itai, Miller Ezer, Petrenko Margarita, Kadouri Daniel, Jurkevitch Edouard and Huppert Amit. Modelling and parameter inference of predator–prey dynamics in heterogeneous environments using the direct integral approach. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14(126), 2017. [link].