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An R package for the comparative analysis of collective motion data in the swarm space. Based on the packages trackdf and swaRm, swaRmverse aims to standardize how data of collective motion are analyzed and support the comparison of properties within and across species and contexts.

swaRmverse is a work in progress, functions are likely to change as the package gets developed.


Further information on the functionality of the package, along with some use cases, will be soon available in our accompanying publication:

Papadopoulou M, Garnier S, King AJ. swaRmverse: an R package for the comparative analysis of collective motion. In prep.

The swarm space and the included metrics are first described here:

Papadopoulou M., Furtbauer I., O’Bryan L.R., Garnier S., Georgopoulou D.G., Bracken A.M., Christensen C. and King A.J. (2023) Dynamics of collective motion across time and species. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 378.1874 doi:10.1098/rstb.2022.0068.


The development of this package was supported by the 2G-SWARM ONR grant awarded to Dr. Andrew J. King at Swansea University (UK).