The unifed distribution is the only exponential dispersion family containing the exponential distribution. This repository contains an R package for working with this distribution. stan functions for the unifed distribution are also provided.

An R vignette introducing the unifed distribution and examples of how to use this package can be found at https://oquijano.gitlab.io/unifed/.

Important Note

The function unifed.kappa.prime.inverse in version 1.0 of the package returns values with the wrong sign when its argument is less than 0.1.

Please update to the current version to avoid this issue.


You can install this package directly from CRAN by typing this in your R console.


Side effects

Note that this package rewrites the summary method from the glm class. This will not break any code you have that uses the summary function since it is simply a wrapper around stats::summary.glm that sets the dispersion parameter equal to 1 when working with a unifed GLM.