vivainsights 0.4.1

vivainsights 0.4.0

Added new functionality for organizational network analysis (ONA): - Introduced p2p_data and g2g_data sample datasets, with an option to simulate a person-to-person dataset using p2p_data_sim() - Added network_g2g(), network_p2p(), network_summary(), and create_sankey() functions - network_p2p() now has a centrality argument for computing and visualizing centrality as node sizes in the network plot - For network_p2p(): - the algorithm argument is renamed to layout for better intuitiveness - Improved consistency and intuitiveness of the API, with style argument now controlling the network plotting mechanism and return argument controlling whether plots are generated interactively or saved as PDF - Added a large number of community detection algorithms from igraph

vivainsights 0.3.1

vivainsights 0.3.0

vivainsights 0.2.0

vivainsights 0.1.0

This is the first version of the vivainsights package to be released open-source on GitHub and CRAN. This is based on the original wpa library, with functions and documentation updated to reflect the latest features in Viva Insights.